Thursday, 21 March 2013

A2SN Conference 2013 - The Beating Heart of London’s Business

The Beating Heart of London’s Business
Exploring Company Archives
- Their Uses and Users
12-13 APRIL 2013

This two-day conference, organised by A2SN and supported by the Postal History Society, the Business Archives Council and the Historical Model Railway Society is the second in a series begun in 2012.

The conferences seek to explore and expand co-operation between volunteer-led societies involved in business history fields and the academics, archivists and museum professionals working in the same areas. The events aim to prompt an awareness of what these various groups are doing, and to start a dialogue between the enthusiast and academic which may lead to co-operation in preserving and using collections, and furthering our understanding of the past and its relevance to the future.

London, as a venue for the second conference, has been facilitated by John Scott, Chairman of the Culture, Heritage & Libraries Committee of the City of London Corporation, who is one of our speakers. The event is hosted by London Metropolitan Archives and Museum of London Docklands and themes of trade and commerce are drawn from holdings in their care. London is a world-renowned centre for business, a place where the means of communication, written, electronic and physical, come together. It is not surprising therefore to find a vast array of business archives held in archival repositories in and around the City. Whatever your passion, we aim to give you new opportunities, avenues of exploration and fresh insights.

An application form can be found on the Business Archives' Council's website.

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